Get Outside

Adam Stewart

12 May 2020


If there’s one thing that being stuck inside proves, it’s that getting outside has never been more important. Being outside and experiencing your natural surroundings is critical for both mental and physical health.

With social restrictions beginning to ease, parks and other public facilities are starting to open back up. Whether you can hike a long scenic trail or simply take the dog for a walk around the block, just get outside. Even just some simple work out in the yard can do wonders after weeks indoors. 

Many states and municipalities are opening parks, and if you are lucky enough to live near a national park, you can check out this link for more information on their re-opening protocol Find a Park. Either way, get outside…and don’t forget to pick up something to eat from your favorite local restaurant, they’ll be glad to see you.


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Adam Stewart

Adam co-founded Liquid Strategies in 2013 and serves as Portfolio Manager and Director of Trading for Overlay Shares.